About Me:

Hi. My name is Ranee and I am the founder of Ranii Organics.


I live in a small coastal town on Tasmania's North East Coast with my partner James and our baby girl Ziggy Storm.


I was first introduced to essential oils in 2016 and instantly fell in love. After playing around combining different scents, I quickly realised what an incredible impact these beautiful gifts from nature can have on our health & wellbeing and am currently undertaking a Diploma in Aromatherapy to deepen my knowledge.



About The Brand:

All of my wellness oils are intuitively designed and hand blended by myself. My intention is to offer you scents that assist the body in returning to a state of equilibrium and allow you to find a connection to yourself -

Mind ~ Body ~ Earth. 


In alignment with my personal values and ethics I am currently working to ensure all oils used are sourced / produced ethically and sustainably, and are also certified organic wherever possible.


I know you will love these oils as much as I do and invite you to try them for yourself.


- Ranee x


A Note on Natural Fragrances:

You may choose to use our wellness oils as your personal scent, in which case you will notice that you need to reapply a little sooner than conventional perfumes. I invite you to treat these reapplication times as a gift to create small mindful moments throughout your day.


Enjoy this beautiful ritual of slowing down and allowing your body to receive true self care with


Ranii Organics ~ scents for the soul.