About Me:

Hi! My name is Ranee and I am the founder of Ranii Organics.

I live in a small coastal town called Scamander on Tasmania's North East Coast with my partner James and our baby girl Ziggy Storm. 

I was first introduced to essential oils in 2015 and instantly fell in love. After playing around combining a few different scents, I quickly made the switch from conventional perfumes to wearing only these divine oils made by mother nature. 

Friends and family members soon began to ask what scent I was wearing and where they could get it from for themselves ... and so Gypsy Soul was born. This blend contains all of my favourite oils and creates such a beautiful connection to the earth.



About The Brand:

All of my perfume and diffuser blends are intuitively designed and hand blended by myself. My intention is to offer you fragrances that not only smell beautiful, but also allow you to find a connection to yourself -

Mind ~ Body ~ Earth. 

I only work with the most divine, pure oils that provide incredible emotional, physical and spiritual support. No additives, fillers or synthetic chemicals can be found here. 



A Note on Natural Fragrances:

You will notice that you need to reapply a little sooner than conventional perfumes. This is because our perfume oils don’t have the chemicals there to make the fragrance ‘stick’. I invite you to treat these reapplication times as a gift to create small mindful moments throughout your day that will realign you with purpose and anchor yourself in truth.


Enjoy this beautiful ritual of slowing down and allowing your body to receive true self care with


Ranii Organics ~ scents for the soul.